About Us

At VRJ Snacks our aim is to emerge as a globally respected company and establish our brand as the leading brand in the world for fat free, healthy and quality food products. We are committed towards building a brand that would be respected worldwide and will be known for creating a healthier future through our range of quality food products.

Any enterprise is a result of a thought that takes shape of a dream and this dream reaches fulfilment through dedication, commitment and hard work. It is a realization of a desire that not only belongs to us but to everyone because we all would love to be part of a reality where being healthy becomes a way of life. Hence, we have taken this small yet incredible step to make this dream a realization by offering a healthy yet a delicious choice of eating right.

Our range of snacks and namkeen are made from ingredients that are rich in nutrients such as corn. We have used a variety of grains to create delicious and mouth-watering snacks and namkeen that are truly light and calorie free. With our range of scrumptious and oil-free snacks, we encourage you to eat to your heart’s content and not worry about putting on even an extra one inch. Our research combined with the right kind of expertise and experience has led us to develop these extremely healthy foods that gives you a perfect alternative to oily and fried fast food products available in the market.

We have conducted research and used the latest technology to ensure our food products are completely hygienic and packed to preserve its flavor and wholesome goodness. Our products are manufactured and packed amid an air-controlled atmosphere to ensure it has a longer shelf life. Our specialized vacuum packaging removes the possibility of moisture entering into the package and retains the natural flavor.